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Wet Rooms

Wetrooms and walk-in showers have steadily increased in popularity over the last few years, with more and more people having them installed. It seems the stylish trend has taken over and has become the new “must have” in bathroom designs.

Whilst also stylish, wetrooms can provide practical and accessible solutions. We understand that everyone matures and people have different requirements for accessibility when showering but we believe that a functional wetroom tailored for your specific needs can still be a room you enjoy spending time in. Whether you require safety anti slip flooring or a heated stone floor we have a range of options to suite every requirement.

Design & Innovation

Wetrooms provide a streamlined and elegant look, and their airy characteristics provide the illusion of open space, even when installed in a smaller room. They fit anywhere, whether you have a window or not, and can turn unused spaces such as cloakrooms or storage rooms into the ultimate shower experience.

At Napier Plumbing & Heating we take all aspects of the project under serious consideration. Design, installation and waterproofing methods are custom tailored to each individual circumstance by using state of the art products and techniques. We will go through the initial design and create a wetroom experience that fit your requirements.

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